A certified pre-owned Rolex is a timeless piece of jewelry that you can offer your customers. Our buying process begins by hand selecting only the finest quality pre-owned Rolex watches. Each watch is then inspected and overhauled using only genuine Rolex parts, bracelets and movements. Finally, the watch is refinished, polished and tested by trained Swiss watch technicians and backed by a one year warranty. A Swiss Crown USA certified pre-owned Rolex comes with all the performance, precision and prestige you find in a new Rolex at a fraction of the price.

Inspection & Authentication

Overhaul Movement

Remove bracelet, record style number between lugs at 12 o’clock and serial number between lugs at 6 o’clock

De-case movement, remove hands and dial,

record movement number

Identify and authenticate

Completely disassemble movement

Inspect all parts for integrity

Place all parts in ultrasonic machine cleaning cycle

Place all parts in rinse cycle, perform three times

Identify sub-standard parts for replacement

Reassemble movement, oil gear train, winding mechanism, balance bushings and mainspring with recommended Rolex lubricants only

Insert movement in automatic movement tester to verify beat and regulate timing to +/-.07 sec/day

Water Test

Re-Case & Time

Replace case back and crown gaskets

Vacuum test to -.7 bar

Pressure test to recommended depth levels

Wet test if leak is present

Set case in automatic winder for visual timing confirmation for duration of 48 hours plus

Install bracelet upon confirmed timing


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