Why buy from Swiss Crown USA?


A Pre-owned Rolex Watch certified by Swiss Crown USA is a timeless piece of jewelry that you can offer your customers.

Our process begins by hand selecting and buying only the finest quality pre-owned Rolex watches. Each watch is then inspected, refurbished and overhauled. Finally, the watch is refinished, polished and tested by technicians trained on luxury Swiss watches and backed by a two year warranty. A pre-owned Rolex certified by Swiss Crown comes with all the performance, precision and prestige you find at a fraction of the price.


Independent Verification

Each pre-owned Rolex watch is independently examined by Gemworld International Inc., one the the most respected gemological laboratories in the US. Each verification includes a professional photograph and shows the serial number of the pre-owned Rolex.


Our Overhaul Process

Inspection & Authentication

  • Remove bracelet, record style number between lugs at 12 o’clock and serial number between lugs at 6 o’clock
  • De-case movement, remove hands and dial,
  • Inspect movement number
  • Identify and authenticated by technicians trained to work on luxury Swiss watches

Overhaul Movement

  • Completely disassemble movement
  • Inspect all parts for integrity
  • Place all parts in ultrasonic machine cleaning cycle
  • Place all parts in rinse cycle, perform three times
  • Identify parts for replacement
  • Reassemble movement, oil gear train, winding mechanism, balance bushings and mainspring with recommended Rolex lubricants only
  • Insert movement in automatic movement tester to verify beat and regulate timing to +/-.07 sec/day

Water Test

  • Install case back and gaskets if needed
  • Vacuum test to -.7 bar
  • Pressure test to recommended depth levels
  • Wet test if leak is present

Re-Case & Time

  • Set case in automatic winder for visual timing confirmation for duration of 48 hours plus
  • Install bracelet upon confirmed timing